Walking with Memories

by Annemarie Majlund Jensen

Walking with Memories | REFLECTING EUROPE

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I am very interested in how stories emerge from particular places and what memories we connect with them. 

This piece took shape during a visit to Berlin in the summer of 2019 as I took a walk along the trail from Lohmühlen Platz to Puschkinallee, which has great significance for me. That is partly due to the fact that the Berlin Wall used to run along this particular trail, of which there is very little indication, but also because it has become a place I visit with relatives who live in Berlin.

For me the trail is not so much a historical site, but it is a place imbued with my own memories – of family reunifications, emerging friendships and so on. This made me think about the thousands of people, citizens of Berlin included, who have memories connected to this site today and also as it used to be before and during 1989. These are the people who remember what kind of place it once was – a question that I reflect upon in my piece. 

I found it interesting to experiment with using my own voice in the piece. My words and my unmistakeable Scandinavian accent reveal someone who is close to, but not quite from the place, which I try to embrace in my memory. As such, it itches and adds certain messiness to the “story”. But that is also exactly the point.


About the author:

Annemarie Majlund Jensen is a researcher and writer from Denmark. She trained as a visual an- thropologist with a background in European cultural studies. She is especially interested in how we, as individuals and collectives, survive amid political upheaval, conflict and societal instability and the stories we tell about ourselves and others under these conditions. Her interest in audio-work, including the voice, has emerged from her desire to explore these questions and how they combine with the work of memory and the imagination.